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Congratulations to Tin District Artist, Michael Reeder on his SOLD-OUT show in New York!!!!

Congratulations to Tin District Artist, JM Rizzi on his new mural currently going up on the University Trail in Dallas!!!!

Shout-Out To Our Artists!


Wild West Mural Fest.

October 16th - October 23rd, 2021

This year’s Art Walk West and Wild West Mural Fest theme is “FUTURE/PAST”, celebrating different artistic expressions of West Dallas’ past, present, and future.

Art Walk West 2021

7th annual AWW sponsored by the West Dallas Chamber of Commerce 

Saturday, October 23, 2021

11:00am - 5:00pm 

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Why Visit Us

Multiple Locations

When you head out for an afternoon or evening event in the Tin District you are guaranteed to find not only interesting art and engaging people but also fantastic food and drinks at the nearby @artparktg

Affordable Prices

Most events in the Tin District will be completely free of charge and simply provide you with a rich experience. All art will be for sale so make sure you do inquire with the artists and organizations. Supporting local artists is the best way we can stay thriving!

Easy to Book

Most events you won't need to RSVP, some will use Eventbrite so that we can gather numbers data, tickets will remain free or a very small charge. Low stress! 

Group Variety

We are sure there is something for everyone in the Tin District! We have exceptional talent, who explore a broad range of subject matter, and use diverse materials. This is where contemporary art is being made, performed, and shown. Come see!